Soular Return
Soulutions for Body, Mind and Soul         
By James Duignam

In Soular Return: James Duignam shares his journey to wellbeing as he seeks a deeper meaning to life from the soul’s perspective. By taking a broader view from the physical and metaphysical levels, and incorporating his understanding of the Body, Mind and Soul, James shares his findings on:

  • The Soul and Reincarnation (Soular Return)

  • Self-discovery

  • The Creator

  • The Body and Mind: the Human Energy Fields

  • Soulutions for the Body, Mind and Soul

Why Meditation Works
A Glimpse Inside Your Mind and Brain           
By James Duignam

So, WHY Does Meditation Work?

It is helpful to understand how the mind and brain function, since meditation has a direct effect on both. 

Meditating on a regular allows us to monitor the thoughts that stream through our conscious mind.  By observing our thoughts from a higher plane in a state of alert presence, it enables us to observe them from a point of neutrality, without reacting to them, and let them pass.

Meditation keeps you on an even keel when the stormy seas of life surge through.

Author, James Duignam