Lawrence C.  New Jersey, struggled with:

  • Autoimmune disease

  • Chronic pain

  • Stress control


I was introduced to James Duignam through a mutual colleague of ours. At the time, I was suffering from complications related to a debilitating auto immune disease and was a chronic pain sufferer. Prior to meeting James, I had been to numerous doctors, and occasionally, holistic healers in an attempt to control my symptoms. I was prescribed heavy medications for several years by the medical physicians, including chemotherapy medications, since the physicians I was seeing were just “following the book” and this is what their practice indicated was the right thing to do for my illness. The holistic healers that I saw prior to James I was never able to create a connection with.

When I met James I was immediately impressed with his vast knowledge of health practices. I was also immediately inspired to eliminate these toxic medications and to change the way I approached my diet and overall health. Right from our first consultation I could tell James was the right person to help guide me to a healthy lifestyle. Sure enough, after eliminating gluten, dairy and eating organic foods I quickly noticed a difference in the way I felt.

He also was instrumental in educating my wife and I on eliminating some of the staple household products (e.g, shampoos, deodorant and general house cleaning products) that possibly were negatively contributors to my health issues. James also introduced me to some mindfulness techniques that helped me manage the stressors that were "bad actors" for my illness. My goals of eliminating these previously prescribed “harmful” medications were successfully achieved in a relatively short time on James’ prescribed “health program”, it was truly remarkable how quickly I was able to achieve this goal! James is very accommodating and very accessible considering that a majority of our interactions were done via Skype, which is much more efficient then traveling to a physicians office and waiting for 3-45 minutes for your appointment to begin. I feel truly blessed to have been introduced to James and I am thrilled that with James’ assistance my disease is in complete remission.

Toni-Ann from Holland, MA struggled with:

  • Compulsive overeating/Unhealthy Diet/Overweight

  • Poor kidney function/Weak adrenal system

  • Low self-esteem/ Fear of re-occurring Kidney Cancer/Depression


What I enjoyed about working with James was his gentle acceptance and encouragement.  His professionalism and positive attitude and his supportive and educational approach.

It didn't take long for James to help me sort through my feelings, fears, and health issues. This quickly enabled him to craft an individualized wellness plan for me, which together we carried out successfully. James is a delight and our sessions together were professional and serious, yet joyful and motivating! Working with James opened my mind-body and spirit to the hope of healthy living. My health and wellness started improving after our very first session together and continues today. I will forever be grateful to God for bringing us together.

What I now see possible as a result of our work together....

Building upon what I have learned working with James, I continue to study and practice a holistic lifestyle. James helped me gain health-independence and freedom from mainstream "conventional" medicine. I now know that health and wellness is a continual journey and is one's own responsibility. The possibilities are endless!

Nicole from Astoria, New York struggled with:

  • Depression

  • Identity Issues

  • Adrenal Fatigue


What I enjoyed about working with James was his forgiving manner and patience.  James would slowly and gently guide me through our session, and not leave my side for a minute. During one session, I had a very visceral reaction, and he stayed with me the whole time, allowing my body to work through the trauma. He was not shocked or bothered, but even more kind and forgiving. I will never forget that, and I am grateful that I trusted James to help me through it.

What I now see possible as a result of our work together....

That I can feel more safe and confident in learning to trust people. James showed me what it is for someone to really care and listen. He took the time and space to welcome me into his healing realm, and that changed me. James' kindness, compassion and expertise affected me, and showed me that people can be forgiving. And I now take that with me wherever I go.

Barbara of Sunnyside, NY struggled with:

  • New MS diagnosis

  • Not knowing how to cook

  • PTSD symptoms


Before I saw James, I thought I was doing everything that can be reasonably done to live a healthy lifestyle. I fancied myself healthier than most in my daily diet. I was not only a member of my local gym but actually went there occasionally. So when I first found out that James was a Holistic Health Practitioner I was uncertain if he would have anything to offer me.

I also had a recent diagnosis of multiple sclerosis(MS), which I expected was too complicated for anyone other than a specialist to be able to help with. MS is a degenerative disease, which means that it can get worse over time. I thought that was simply my fate and had come to terms with it.

I was aware that I also had limited cooking skills and post-traumatic stress symptoms, but they had been going on for so long that I expected that I would be eating out and afraid of the dark for the rest of my life. I had also come to terms with that.

James invited me to a one hour complementary health consultation, so with nothing to lose I decided to give it a try. Over the course of the hour, I gradually realized how wrong I had been to passively accept that there was nothing I could do to better my situation. He was sure that I could improve because he recognized that every problem (including MS!) that was cropping up now was a result of unresolved childhood emotional trauma. I won’t explain the connection here because he does it so much better than I could. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, when he asked at the end of the hour if I thought meeting with him could be helpful to me, I’d been so impressed and inspired that I thought of that classic movie line “You had me at hello.”

I liked that the sessions I did were highly individualized and very well prepared. I mentioned my intent to minimize MS relapses at the start. He did tons of research on this between sessions and provided me with his findings along with ideas to integrate the findings into my treatment. He may know more than I do about the disease at this point.

Another thing I liked about working with James was his flexibility. I work chaotic shifts and we met around my ever-changing schedule. My workplace was being renovated during the months we met, which bothered my allergies. Thus, we worked in a lot of allergy treatments. When I hurt my arm and it wasn’t healing well he gave me reiki to balance my internal energies. After that, it started to heal. He studied what I was eating each week and provided me with recipes and shopping advice to round out my nutrition. Following his cookware advice had me cooking more often. We dealt with the concrete issues above as well as emotional well-being and self-discovery. We did an awful lot in just 12 sessions. The holistic approach that responded to my daily needs worked very well.

I think I was able to do so much because James is a great listener. Each session, he paid attention to what I needed. He also responded to every one of the high volume of email I sent him between sessions. His sense of humor kept things fun. It’s rare to be so smart yet highly entertaining at the same time. It is a combination that’s empowering to be around.

My favorite part was his very positive theme of self-love.

I’m able to be at optimal health and keep this MS from progressing. It’s actually gotten better – I no longer walk with a cane. Before I saw James, the doctors were thinking I might need to go on disability, but I’ve had to take very little sick leave in the past few months – some months none at all. My doctors are blown away.

Not only am I cooking non-processed foods much more often, but I’m feeling comfortable enough in the kitchen to be making up recipes of my own. Which have all been fabulous?

I’m calmer overall – the ladies at work have been commenting on this and it could lead to a promotion. I think the calm is the outside sign of an inner emotional balance.

I’ve taken all the new energy that I have to the gym on a 4 or 5 (sometimes 6) day a week cardio, stretching and weight machine routine. The bikini I bought for this summer looks great already, and it’s only May!

Helena of Glen Cove, NY struggled with:

  • Making the right food choices

  • I was getting upset easily

  • I lacked energy in my life.


James was very informative.  Our sessions were relaxing and productive.  The suggestions offered were easy to incorporate and implement, resulting in healthy lifestyle changes.

My favorite part about working with James was being able to communicate my thoughts and concerns and working together find a solution to the problems!

What I now see possible as a result of our work together is living a healthier, happier life, with less worry and stress. Having a positive outlook, coupled with good food choices has given me more energy, enabling me to accomplish more in life. 

Emotional Clearing and Energy Balancing

Laura G. Hudson River Valley Region of NY

James has a very healing and genuine way about him - he was very helpful and knowledgeable at his practice. Before working with James I was feeling lost in the details and putting everyone else's needs before mine. I achieved more clarity and empowerment from working with James. It really brought about an awakening that is manifesting in so many facets of my life and I am feeling more mindful, productive and in control! Thank you James.

Joanne D

I had been struggling w/sciatic, low back, hip, and knee pain for about 6 months and had only one session with James.  While he was doing the energy work, I felt an immediate effect, somewhat lightheaded and my heart and body felt more open and flexible and I continued to feel that way for the next few days.  In conjunction with herbal medicine, yoga, meditation, channeling and introspective work and physical therapy which I had been doing, I feel James’ energy work had a profound effect on helping me to release the pain from my body.  He is a gifted healer! 

Lorraine F., Bronx NY

Before I worked with James I was encountering disturbing feelings from a past relationship that I had difficulty letting go of. After a session working with James I immediately had a very calming effect and found these disturbing feelings have subsided greatly.  I look forward to working with him again on additional issues that I believe he will greatly help with.

Thomas J. Los Angles, Ca

Before I worked with James I encountered feelings of confusion around relationships. I had no real clarity about what it meant to "resonate" with another human being. To me, relationships were a battleground and I couldn't see it. Now because of our work, I feel clear about relationships being a source of harmony. More importantly, I can own my ability to choose struggle or flow within my life when it concerns other people. 

Carla Wynn Hall

When I first met James he told me about a process that he uses to help release emotional blocks from around the heart energy space. Having been a student of Emotional Freedom Technique I was familiar with the implications of having emotions held up within the body's energy meridian but was not aware of how many blocks I actually held. James did a session with me that lasted about 45 minutes and went inside of my system to break up the blocks. I set a goal to walk the Black Creek Trail with easy in 2 weeks and was able to do this within three days. My physical problem was the over growth of candida. Partially this was the result of emotions that were pinned inside of my body. Today I feel vibrant and younger than I have ever felt before. For the first time in a long time I saw a gorgeous, beautiful Goddess in the mirror.


Kathy M., R.N. Astoria, NY

Before I went through an emotional clearing session with James, I had been experiencing a high level of anxiety related to a life transition.  My muscles were tense all the time, I was exhausted, and I was having difficulty concentrating. After two sessions with James, my muscles are relaxed, I have an increase in energy and I'm able to concentrate again.  Thank you James for helping me heal.