Soulutions for Body, Mind and Soul  
By James Duignam      

Soular Return means “soul return.” A soul that has returned (reincarnated) for its development and evolution in human form. In Soular Return James Duignam shares insights from his life that paved the way to understanding the body, mind and soul, and the Soulutions he found to support them. For the spiritual seeker, Soular Return provides an overview of the human being and its many dimensions, body, mind and soul, and reincarnation.

You are much more than what you see in the mirror, it’s what you can’t see that can hurt you. You are comprised of subtle energy fields and subtle energy systems that affect your health, moment to moment. James gives you a glimpse of your true Self, a soul cloaked in matter (body).

James shares his findings on:

  • The Soul and Reincarnation (Soular Return)

  • Self-discovery

  • The Creator

  • The Body and Mind: the Human Energy Fields

  • Soulutions for the Body, Mind and Soul

James believes that it is a time of transition and transformation to a new age of consciousness. A time for cooperation and community, for working together, for opening our hearts, and living from the higher Self, our soul, instead of the separate Self, the fear-based ego.”